Nonbinary pronouns in media

If you are a trans person looking for new media to enjoy or a cis person trying to learn how to use nonbinary pronouns for the first time*, you may want to find media that reflect characters that use nonbinary pronouns such as ze/hir/hirs or they/them/theirs.

I wanted to create a list of media that folks could enjoy while also hearing or reading the way that those pronouns are used in context. I was especially interested in media that doesn’t focus just on a person’s trans-ness, but allows that character to breathe in their full humanness. Below is the list that I have compiled so far; please comment below or email me with additions!

I am particularly interested in adding more media that uses pronouns besides “they/them,” there are many different pronouns that nonbinary folks use (including alternating pronouns, ze/hir/hirs, ey/em/eirs, etc.) and I would like to have them better-represented in this cohort of media resources.


TV shows:

  • One Day at a Time (reboot, available on Netflix) – Syd (they/them) first appears in Season 2, Episode 3 “To Zir, With Love.” Also models how people can learn about nonbinary pronouns and fumble their way into using them gracefully.
  • Danger & Eggs (Amazon Prime): According to this article, this TV show is queer as heck and geared towards a young audience.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: “Blue Light Special” Season 15, Episode 18 features a nonbinary character, Tobi, who was involved in a snowmobile rollover.
  • “Billions” – the character Taylor Mason (they/them) is nonbinary and played by Asia Kate Dillon (they/them), a nonbinary actor. Their character premieres in Season 2.
  • She-Ra (Netflix)Double Trouble (they/them) is a nonbinary character premiered in Season 4 and played by Jacob Tobia (they/them), a nonbinary actor.
  • Good Trouble – A friend’s recommendation: “In Season 2 there is a character that comes out as non-binary and asks people to use they/them pronouns. There’s an entire subplot with their partner struggling to adjust to using their pronouns and refer to them as “partner” instead of “girlfriend”. In later episodes they/them pronouns are used without discussion or difficulty.”


  • “Indigiqueer”All My Relations podcast – interview with two Indigenous writers and scholars that discusses the history of Two Spirit identity and celebration of gender nonconforming folks in Indigenous cultures of North America.
  • And That’s Why We Drink – A paranormal and true crime podcast hosted by Christine Schiefer (she/her), Em Schulz (they/them), and boxed wine.
  • Becoming a Single Dad While TransThe Longest Shortest Time podcast, an episode about CJ (they/them) and their path to parenthood.
  • “A Pirate in Search of A Judge” – Reply All podcast, an episode about a person whose internet provider threatened to cut off their internet access with a false claim about piracy
  • Adventure Zone podcast – A podcast about D&D. More information from a fan: “Specifically the balance campaign has a sizeable section that heavily features a character that uses singular they.  Just want to add a quick disclaimer: Their first season is not the best… They start out pretty “were a bunch of cis/het/white nerds making bad jokes in out weird DND podcast” but actually (much to my surprise and delight) turn into “hey we want to give good representation in our characters so we’re going to listen to our queer and poc fans when we fuck up and apologize and do better going forward” people which is pretty cool.” – Eleanor (they/them)
  • Transgender Patients in the Cancer Care Setting: Gaining Insights from Cutting-Edge Research – National Society of Genetic Counselors podcast
  • What’s Your Experience with the Binary? – Getting Curious podcast with Jonathan Van Ness (of Queer Eye reboot fame). Alok (they/them) discusses being a gender non-conforming artist.

Written media:


  • Provenance by Ann Leckie. Set in a society with three genders: man, woman, and neman, the last of which use the pronouns e/em/eir.
  • Tensorate series by JY Yang (they/them) has major nonbinary characters who use they/them pronouns.
  • Verified Strangers is a novel by Lena Dunham being released chapter by chapter for free by Vogue. Timmy is a character in the novel that uses they/them pronouns.

Webseries and other video media:

  • The Furry Who Beat Everyone: The Story of SonicFox – mini documentary about SonicFox (they/them), the greatest Mortal Kombat player of all time.
  • Carmilla – Web series focusing on college-aged characters. LaFontaine (they/them) appears between Season 1 and Season 2 and continues to play a major role in the drama.

* There are lots of resources out there for folks trying to practice nonbinary pronouns such as they/them/theirs, ze/hir/hirs, or ey/em/eirs, including this blog post that lists tips for practicing pronouns that are new for you or this book (mentioned above) focused specifically on they/them pronouns.

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