A man smiles while looking into a microscope next to several students in a science lab.

Welcome to my site! Please check out the most recent updates on my blog, as well as exploring curriculum and further reading and resources related to social justice, science, and play!

About Lewis

Lewis Steller is a science teacher, equity facilitator/trainer,  and consultant. He currently works at the Monteverde Friends School, a bilingual private school in the Costa Rican cloud forest. Since the beginning of his teaching career, he has lived in 10 different states, both in traditional classrooms and in experiential, outdoor settings.

Lewis offers training and facilitation for teachers and organizations focused on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Beginning equity work in the classroom
  • LGBQA & Gender-inclusive curriculum design
  • Supporting LGBTQIA+ students and staff
  • Courageous conversations and dealing with conflict
  • Bringing social justice into STEM education in an authentic, age-appropriate way
  • Getting the most out of student-centered feedback and iteration

This website and blog is one branch of Lewis’s dedication to learning about and sharing his ventures into scientific inquiry, encouraging play, and integrating social justice and identity into the work of a science teacher.  Look around, adapt and adopt, and share widely!

You can email Lewis with feedback, questions, and new resources at fishyteaching@gmail.com.

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