Readings and Resources from the past few weeks

Greetings!  I’m hoping to post some more content soon, but thought I’d put up a few articles/resources I’ve been looking through the past few weeks related to diversity, equity, and STEM education.

An Anatomical Model of Diversity This is something I have been thinking about a lot as I prepare to teach anatomy next year – the dearth, or absolute absence, of dark-skinned models in anatomical diagrams.  There are also essentially no anatomical diagrams that represent intersex and transgender people in a non-voyeuristic way.  A friend of mine is slowly starting up a push to create more PoC- and trans-centered anatomy and sex education resources… if you have any resources on this topic, or are interested in collaborating, please let me know!!

Parable of the Polygons An interesting mathematical model that can demonstrate how casual and slight racism can lead to drastic segregation.  I think this would work really well with middle school students.

Engineering Inclusive Teaching This resource provides guidelines for creating an inclusive teaching environment, especially for women and international students in the engineering classroom.  Lots of free webinars, handouts, and ideas… I highly recommend it, even if you don’t teach engineering!

9 Ways to Make Social Justice Less Elitist This simple article provides some great reminders/guidelines about the ways that social justice language can be just as exclusive and off-putting as not including that language at all.

Enjoy, and… happy almost-Friday!

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